SAHA CRANE AUCTION Free Zone in Thailand is authorized and proceed under the supervision of the Royal Thai Customs for that goods in the DFZ is exempted from duties (Import Tax, Excise Tax and Value Added Tax), and duties are payable only when imported to Thailand. Goods from DFZ are treated as import into the kingdom or import completed when taking out from the DFZ into the kingdom.


Juristic Person of either local or foreign nationality.

Person who is aged 18 years and over.


The Auctioneer shall define  the method for bidding process.

The Auctioneer shall define the time and place for bidding event.

The Auctioneer shall define the machines for bidding.


       The registration could be done at SAHA CRANE AUCTION's office 3 days before auction day or on the auction day itself, by providing all required necessary documents and pay a collateral deposit in cash or cashier cheque or bank drafts.


         For registration at SAHA CRANE AUCTION in Thailand, all bidders have to register prior to bidding and the Auctioneer shall hand the bidding number to the bidder for auction in auction event by filing in an Application Form and also applicant must also provide legal documentation for registration e.g. Personal identity card or/and Passport.

*** For domestic bidders have to submit the following documents upon registration as :

  1. Copies of registration form, personal identity card or passport or census records of registration (house registration) of the company hereby represented; or.
  2. Copies of company affidavit that is issued by the Ministry of Commerce completed with authorized  person's signature and company’s stamp endorsement not over than 6 months.
  3. A deposit will be required for registration of 200,000 Baht cash, cashier cheque and bank drafts

*** For foreign bidders have to submit a valid passport upon registration and a deposit will be required for registration of  USD 10,000  or the equivalent in Cash or by T/T to:                                              

Name of Account    :   SAHA CRANE AUCTION CO.,LTD  

Account Number    : 318-2-54403-4


                                                                  KASIKORN BANK, BANGPAKONG BRANCH, (SAVINGS ACCOUNT)

NOTE:  Bidders who have remitted the collateral cash deposit through T/T are REQUIRRED to fax a copy of bank’s remittance slip to the Auctioneer by fax no. (66)038-155-250 so that the Auctioneer can identify the bidder who has paid the deposit in advance.      


*** For Foreign Bidders ONLY ***

  1.  Please print out the Registration form from our website at www.sahacraneauction.com, then fill it up and revert together with the bank receipt for remittance of cash deposit to the auctioneer before the auction day by fax no. (66)038-155-250.
  2.  The bidder shall then be issued and subsequently informed of their bidding  number through fax. (Please also write your available fax number on the application form for reference.)
  3. On the auction day, the bidder would only need to ask at the registration counter to collect their bidding card and present their passport for copied.


        The Auctioneer shall be refunded in full amount of their collateral cash deposit to whom those has had registered but has no purchased any items not later than 3 working days after the auction event. Otherwise, the Auctioneer shall use the collateral cash deposit to retain for in part payment for items sold to the winning bidders for settlement.


  1. The Auctioneer  grants any participant who is the owner of bidding card issued by the Auctioneer being have the right to bid at the auction and can be revoked at any point of time upon the sole discretion of the Auctioneer.
  2. The bidder who offer the highest prices for any particular lot and was accepted by the Auctioneer shall be the WINNING BIDDER. This agreement to purchase is irrevocable under any circumstances.

NOTE: Upon misplacement or loss of the bidding card, the owner of bidder who has lost his card HAVE TO PAY for all items being purchased under his bidding card number inevitably.


          The Auctioneer permit the bidders to inspect all the equipments in the auction yard which  items for sale  for 3 days before auction day starting from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  The Auctioneer does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy in the description of the equipment imprinted on the bidding card or catalogue list.


      1.  All equipments must be removed from auction yard after completed auction event and the successful bidder must be responsible for all costs and other process as in transportation (land and sea) of all equipment from the auction yard.  If the successful bidder wish to import the equipment to Thailand, the bidder must be responsible for all costs and procedure for when importing to Thailand including all taxes.

      2. The Auctioneer will hand out the equipment & all necessary supporting documents to the winning bidder when the full payment is already made within 7 days and must be removed from the auction site within 14 days after the Auction otherwise the Auctioneer shall be charged for storage fee of 500 Thai Baht per day per unit of equipment exceeding the deadline.

      3. The successful bidder shall be responsible for all transportation costs, dismantling costs and any other related expenses incurred for equipment removal. The Auctioneer will assist free of charged in removing all equipment on the truck or trailer. However, the Auctioneer will NOT be responsible for any accidents or damages that may occur during the removal

      4. In instances where successful bidders authorized any other party besides themselves or the company they represent to remove their equipment. The authorized party upon removal must produce:

        4.1 An authorization letter issued by the successful bidder’s company for the removal, endorsed with the company’s

                                stamp  and undersigned by legal authorized personnel. (Please fill out the authorization letter enclosed within the

                                biding book.)

        4.2 ID card or passport copies of the successful bidder and the authorized party executing the removal.

        4.3 Census records of registration (House Registration) document of both the successful bidder’s company and                                      the  company of which the removal party presents.

        4.4 The product that cannot move by itself and the weights over 15 tons.

        4.5 The machine that cannot drive to the truck and weights over 15 tons.  
The bidders have to pay crane rental
in order to move the machine to contain  on the truck for 5,000 baht.


         5.  The Sucessful bidder must provide their own mode of transportation in removing the equipment out of the Auction site. The Auctioneer will assist in removing all equipment on to the transporation of the winning bidder. However, the Auctioneer will NOT be responsible for any accidents or damages that may occur during the removal.

         6.  The Auctioneer will provide all documents the Auctioneer holds to the bidder within 30 days after the auction day. The Auctioneer only quarantee that all documents will be valid for 30 days after the winning bidder received the documents. The Auctioneer will not be responsible for validity of equipment documnetation after 60 days from the auction date.



         The descriptions in this brochure / website are believed to be correct; however the descriptions are merely a guide and are in no way a warranty, representation or guarantee, expressed or implied. Neither the Auctioneer nor the Seller is responsible for any errors in descriptions of the quality, character or condition of the equipment and purchaser shall not be entitled to any remedy or claim on account of the quality, character or condition of the equipment purchased.


         The equipment is available for inspection at the previews and the Bidder/Buyer number is totally responsible and exclusively on his personal inspection of the equipment.


       Certain requirements may have to be met before the equipment maybe imported or exported. Compliance with such requirements is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. The Auctioneer does not provide safety certificates, certificates of origin and the like. Payment of export or other duties, if applicable, is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser of the equipment. For the Auction Site that is a Free Zone Area, the purchaser of equipment must obtain the required customs documents to remove the equipment from the Auction Site at their own account Custom broker approved by the Auctioneer is available at the Auction Site to assist the Purchasers therewith at Purchaser’s cost.


        As the bidder has known that the Auction Site and other areas where the property is located or displayed are a hazardous place, hence if the bidders entry to the auction site at his own risk, thus the auctioneer will not be held accountable for any injuries or fatalities occurred in the premises of the auctioneer. No person shall have any claim against the Auctioneer, their agents, employees or principals neither for any personal injury sustained or death nor for damages to or loss of property which may occur from any cause whatsoever.


        Equipment sold at SAHA CRANE AUCTION is sold to the highest bidder without minimums or reserves of any kind, regardless of the selling price. All sellers are prohibited by contract from bidding on their own equipment or having a representative bid on their behalf.